Bismillah, Walhamdulillah, Was Salaatu Was Salaam Ala Rasool Allah

… يا اهل نورين

I just spoke to Shaykh Yasir Birjas, ustadhuna, our dear beloved teacher. He has issued a challenge to the qaba’il of Al-Maghrib. I am in fear, for our qabeelah has gone through many afflictions. Have we the courage to take up this task? Can we answer the call by our dear shaykh? Are we ready?

The challenge is to have 500 gems by the last Sunday of the Heavenly Hues seminar. That is the primary objective. The secondary task is to have 8,000 hits on our gem thread in the forums. Yes, eight thousand.

Will we stand? Will we fall? Time will tell…

No…we don’t have the option to wait around for good ‘ol father time…

Get up brothers and sisters, lets begin the March to 500!