Bismillah, Walhamdulillah, Was Salaatu Was Salaam Ala’ Rasool Allah.

Once upon a time, there existed a little mosque in Tysons Corner. Some call it IHC. Some call it the Markaz. Others call it Heritage Center. Yet others just call it “THE MASJID.” To me, it is my home away from home. A place where I can kick back and take a breather from the hecticness of the dhunia. A place to learn my religion and acquire beneficial knowledge. A place that constantly reminds the muslims with, “Qal Allah and Qala RasuAllah.” A place flourishing with good deeds. But there is a dilemma. IHC is in danger of being shut down. Why? Because there is a severe shortage of donations to keep the place running. Part of the reason why is that a new company came in and jacked up the rent double the amount.

I can’t express to you how much a benefit this masjid is. You only have to attend to understand this. The Imam there is Sheikh Abu Abdurahman. For those that don’t know him, He is in my humble opinion a diamond in the rough. He has studied for MANY years under Sheikh Ibn Baaz, Sheikh ibn Uthaymeen, Sheikh Abu Bakr Jazaairi, Sheikh Muqbil, to name only a few. He has IJAZA in the 6 books of hadith. His two specialties are Fiqh and Hadith. You better believe that I am milking him for everything that I can :). The Sheikh and his family does so much for the community. Below are some of the activities that have been held at one point or another:

A Masjid that promotes the Quran and Sunnah.
5 daily prayers
2 jumua salawat (1 in arabic, 1 in english)
Lectures 3 times a day (after fajr, maghrib and isha)
Arabic Classes
Daily Quranic Recitation
Covering important Books:
Tafseer ibn Kathir
Fath al Bari
Mukhtassar Sahih Bukhari
Mukhtassar Sahih Muslim
Riyadh As-Saaliheen
Aqeedah al-Waasitiyah
Ibn Hajr and Imam adh-Dhahibi’s books on sciences of hadith. (The sciences of hadith halaqah held mondays through thursdays.)

I got good news people. There is an opportunity for you to litmus test your iman. Where? The NOT SO AVERAGE IHC FUNDRAISER. Why not so average? Most fundraisers are to build a NEW MASJID. This fundraiser is for a community already established and flourishing that will be affected if shut down!

Before I plop the flyer on this post, I remind us that Sadaqah is the PROOF OF FAITH. And it is sadaqah jaariah (ongoing sadaqah) to keep the masjid running. Every time someone prays in it, or learns something, or reads a letter from Quran, we get good deeds. Even if we are sipping on a virgin pina colada while reclining on the beaches of Hawaii. And since this masjid is an indespensible resource of GOOD DEEDS, the rewards YOU would get might not be quantifiable.

The Not So Average Fundraiser