If your childhood dream was to be a construction worker (and I know that there’s many of you out there), here’s your chance to live out that dream!!!  Insha’Allah Qabeelat Nurayn will be organizing a trip to assist Habitat for Humanity this upcoming month for our monthly social service project.  Habitat for Humanity is an organization that builds homes for underprivileged families that cant otherwise afford a home. 

Now I know many of you are out there thinking: “what if I cant tell which end of the hammer is which?” Funny you should ask, because although Habitat for Humanity welcomes those with construction skills, they have crew leaders on hand to train and answer questions.  If you are willing to learn, they will help, insha’Allah.  Now I know what is going through your head: “how can I get involved??”  Stay tuned as we will be posting more details about the trip in the coming days, insha’Allah.