What is Perfect Presence?

Perfect Presence is ensuring that every single attendee of the last AlMaghrib Seminar takes the exam and aces it. Perfect Presence doesn’t make excuses about being busy or forgetting about the exam date and it definitely doesn’t show up late on exam day. Perfect Presence is making sure that if you’re out of town to take the exam electronically and that if, for some off-the-wall reason, you are unable to attend the exam in person to setup a proctor at a later date to make sure you take it.

Perfect Presence demands perfection from its attendees and nothing short of it. In Perfect Presence you don’t hope to get an A on an exam, you expect to get an A through your hard work and dedication. 100% is the bar for Perfect Presence, nothing less will do.

And oh yeah, Perfect Presence wins liwaa’s. My message to Qabeelah Nurayn: Who’s up for Perfect Presence???