Alhamdulillah the Heavenly Hues exam date is fast approaching! Important information regarding the exam is below:

Exam Date: Sunday April 20th 2008, Locations in MD and VA are TBA inshaAllah. (Most likely at ADAMS and Dar-us-Salaam inshaAllah)

Why take the exam? Well, there are a lot of reasons J Firstly: To Please Allah azza wa jal. Secondly: It’s Fardh! Thirdly: We want to be among Al-Muhsineen and strive for excellence in all of our affairs–taking the exam will help us reach this inshaAllah. Lastly: PERFECT PRESENCE!! InshaAllahu ta’ala.

Study Groups:

Sisters Sessions: have already begun.  please contact

Brothers Session:Sunday, April 13th
11:00am – TBD
Johnson Center, GMU – Meet near the mu’salla (prayer area)

Insha’Allah here is the info for the brothers’s Heavenly Hues study session. insha’Allah we will be going over the main topics and reviewing, not details. Please study till then, and in the mean time check with others to fill your notes.  yeah get crackin, insha’Allah the exam is a little over 2 weeks from now, may Allah increase you in knowledge, make it beneficial, and cause it to not be forgotten, ameen!  Please email for more information.

Please spread the word by email and word-of-mouth to VA/MD/DC to sisters and brothers who may be interested.