I recently checked my AlMaghrib transcript online to see my list of seminars and exam grades and immediately noticed a number of errors.

Six seminars that I had taken were not listed at all. Two seminars that I did not take were listed. Exam grades for seven seminars were not listed. And four of my seminars had incorrect financial information.

In the two weeks since I emailed AlMaghrib about the issue, the financial information has been corrected and updated, the seminars listed that I did not take were deleted, but still no word yet on the seven seminars and exam grades that are not listed.

Check your AlMaghrib transcript today because this could adversely affect your ability to receive your earned credits and to be selected to attend AlMaghrib’s Elite Summer Program.

To check your transcript, go to AlMaghrib.org and click on the Enroll Online tab and then click on the My AlMaghrib tab.