Bismillah, Was Salaatu Was Salaam Ala Rasool Allah

The amount of benefit from Ilm Fest 08 was amazingly great as expected.  I learned so much alhamdulillah but I’ll share just one of the things that really “touched” me.  Someone asked Shaykh Waleed the following question, “Whenver I gain new knoweldge I feel proud, is this wrong?”

Shaykh Waleed in his cute accent replied “Scholars say Knoweldge is of three levels…”  This is when I started listening very carefully because to me whatever was to be uttered from his tongue afterwards was very important.  The levels of knowelge are…

1) Pride – This is the first level when a person feels proud that he/she has learned something new that others do not know.

2) Humbleness – After he/she has gained more knoweldge then they reach this level and become more humble.

3) Ignorance – This is the highest level when a person realizes that how much he/she really does not know.

I thought that was very intresting and TRUE! I hope this benefitted everyone 🙂