Bismillah, Was Salaatu Was Salaam Ala’ Rasool Allah.

In my quest to elicit Perfect Presence from this qabeelah, it seems as though a general sentiment amongst some of the students is “Who Cares???” Pretty much meaning: who cares about an exam that really doesnt mean anything. It wont impact whether or not you get into a good college, has no impact on your job, and just getting to the exam location can be inconvenient if you dont live nearby.

Well I’ll tell you who cares: I do. And here’s why:

Benefit as a student: On an individual level, all of us will be asked concerning the knowledge that we learned. For those students who care not only about learning, but actually retaining that knowledge, the exam is an absolute must. The shuyukh take time out to consolidate a tremendous amount of information into a simple exam that highlights many of the most important topics discussed in the class. By taking the exam, you get an actual metric regarding how much you retained from the class as well as what needs to be revised.

Benefit as a Group: The exam allows us as students to organize review sessions where we can meet and discuss everything we learned. It increases brotherhood/sisterhood amongst each other and forces us to take time out of our busy (and often times downright hectic) schedules to meet for no reason other than the Sake of Allah and learning His Deen, Azza wa Jal. On an individual level, when each person commits to taking the exam, the whole qabeelah benefits as we develop Islamic literacy within our communities and are better able to convey that which we just learned. Considering the number of students within the average almaghrib seminar that teach at local Islamic Schools, give khutbahs, and volunteer in the masjid, the exam is all the more important.

Benefit as a Qabeelah: The fact is that our Qabeelah, Qabeelah Nurayn is judged by AlMaghrib Headquarters after every seminar that is offered. There are a number of factors that go into play, but one of the most important measures when determining the strength of a Qabeelah is the number of students that took the exam. Dont believe me? ask any of the shuyukh and they’ll let you know whats up.

So next time you ask someone, “hey, are you taking the AlMaghrib Exam” and they respond by saying “who cares?” You can tell them:

“I do, the shuyukh of AlMaghrib do, your fellow students do, and you should too!”

Exam Locations and Timings:

Fairfax, VA 10:00-12:00 George Mason University: Johnson Center 3rd Floor Meeting Rm D
4400 University Dr Fairfax, VA

College Park, MD 14:00 – 16:00 Alhuda SchoolDar-us-Salaam
5301 Edgewood Road
College Park, MD