A Blog by the Students of Qabeelat Nurayn

Deep Cover: Decidedly cool, calm, collected – a paradox wrapped in a conundrum encased in a quandary that sort of resembles an enigma. Upon closer inspection, this duteous connoisseur of that which defies convention deftly conceals a deliciously kooky (nay corny) sense of humor. Deep, huh? Nope. Deep Cover. Nice.
Oh, and she owns a thesaurus and ain’t afraid to use it. Word.

laillahaillalah: born/raised midwest. moved east coast.

Amatullah: A simple slave seeking a good end.

Zulander: Who dat cat that knows how ta play d an d?
ya know das me
Who dat cat who’ll loan you the Special Edition Lord of the Rings Trilogy?
ya know das me
Who dat cat that’ll quote you the entire Harry Potter Series?
ya know das me
Who dat cat that’ll on the reg hit up chuck e cheez?
ya know das me
Who dat cat that’ll blog it up for Qabeelat Nureezy?
silly rabbit, ya know datsa meezy.

Muslim Apple: Pronounced E-fee, from NY, convert, Mac-aphile

Amir Yunas:“I write succinctly, Unlike, Philosophy; Or the Talkative Gossip Queen,Respectively…….. using words undefinably; pointless phrases constantly;Unique is lower verb-age, squash the point by point life story.
Mystery catches attention, short and sweet is the key.
Bringing the Nurayn flavor, going down in historyas the inspirational blog, setting it off in blog country.”

Writeous Bum: Writeous Bum is a recently emancipated slave of the daily grind that is, the daily grind. In his charge for greatness, Writeous Bum has fought long and hard to achieve his dream of being a medical doctor, and after long hours and much effort, Alhamdulillah, he attained his BS in Economics to gain a position at a telephone company—funny how things work out, huh? Before his current path, Writeous Bum was known to be an avid researcher of “modern-day socio-cultural ethics and behaviour patterns,” however, now with HDTV, ROI on his research has expanded exponentially. Known in local circles as a strict connoisseur of fine teas from around the world, he’s been seen, on one auspicious occasion, to return ice tea at a McDonald’s claiming, ‘lack of charisma,’ as his source of disappointment in the cold beverage. Writeous Bum enjoys many activities of the conventional, and the ‘not-so’ variation—and of course, not the least of which, are long walks on the beach.

Darth Vaider: In the Star Wars Universe, Darth Vader is a dictator who rules the Galactic Empire with an iron fist. By utilizing the power of the Dark Side, Darth Vader fights day and night to impose his will and diminish the Rebel Alliance which is powered by The Force.
Blogger Darth Vaider grew up on the mean streets of suburban VA and recently procured a job at an IT Company, alhamdulillah. Though he enjoys the corporate environment, he secretly holds out for a career in the NBA (insha’Allah). At a ripe young age of 23, his basketball game has been compared on one (emphasis on one!) occasion to that of a shorter Lebron James. Aside from that, Darth Vaider enjoys long walks on the beach, all you can eat buffets, and of course, AlMaghrib Seminars!

Rameez4u: I am a proud attender and representer of the Almaghrib institute! I love our instructors and I pray that Allah gives them success in this life and the afterlife. This is my last semester at Mason after which I hope to work for an IT company and of course attend as many Almaghrib seminars as possible. One of my hopes for the future of Almaghrib is that maybe, just maybe, they will start a matrimonial service just for Almaghrib students. Wouldn’t that be awesome! :0)