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Bismillah, Was Salaatu Was Salaam ala Rasool Allah,

During this past Heavenly Hues class, Shaykh Yaser Birjas (may Allah preserve him) held a special session after lunch for about half an hour with all of the volunteers. In it, he described his time growing up and how he became serious about practicing Islam. One of the brothers/sisters on the forums posted an transcript of Shaykh Yaser’s speech to their class at Qabeelah Haadi which is much more detailed, but somewhat similar to what he told us as well. For the benefit of everyone who was unable to attend that session, I am pasting the post below.

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi had a special question to Shaykh Yaser Birjas, which was broadcasted in our Heavenly Hues class:

“Fellow Haadians, I welcome you all to this beautiful class being taught by our beloved Sheikh and brother, Sheikh Yaser Birjas.

Believe me, it gives me great jealousy that you are attending this class right now, I wish that I could be sitting in your seat right here and now to benefit from the prose and wisdom that our dearly beloved Sheikh and brother in Islam, Sh. Yaser Birjas is giving all of you.

My question to you my dear Sheikh is: can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and about your path and journey to Islam, and how you ended up studying Islam and going to the University of Medina? What are the major scholars you studied with and your favorite subject that you took, some of the anecdotes of your personal life, especially the time you spent with our dear Sheikh Muhammad ibn Salih al Uthaymeen, do you have any stories that truly inspires you?

My request to my fellow Haadians is, beacuse I won’t be there to take the answer from our Sh. Yaser Birjas, can you please post the answers on the forums so that all of us can benefit from what he has to say.

Lastly, I advise all of you to “milk” as much as you can out of Sh. Yaser Birjas and benefit from his wisdom. Really and truly, he is one of the greatest source of inspiration and blessings that I, personnaly, have in this country.
May Allah azza wa jal increase him and all of us in their benefit, barakah and knowledge.”

Below is a quick transcription of what he said… please forgive me for the mistakes and for what I couldn’t take down.

We ask Allah ‘Azza wa Jal to accept from our scholars.
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The paper was written by our own Sr. Erum on the topic of Good vs. Evil:

An Examination of Good and Evil in the Glorious Qur’an

Questioning the nature of good and evil is part of human nature. We find people of all creeds, races, and eras seeking to understand good and evil through works of literature, poetry, theatre, art, and more. While an examination of these collective works can provide insight into man’s struggle between good and evil and his understanding of it, such an examination will not provide man with the definition of what good and evil are nor with a prescription for achieving good and prohibiting evil in his life. Only the One who created us, our Lord, Allah subhaanahu wa ta’ala can provide us with such knowledge and guidance. In this paper, we will examine the words of Allah azza wa jal to offer a definition of good and evil and a way to achieving good and preventing evil in this life and the next.

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Yeah you heard right, Shaykh Suhaib Webb AND Shaykh Yasir Qadhi are going to be here from July 11th-13th, insha’Allah. Details are still coming in and we’ll keep everyone posted. Stay tuned.

1- The exam information page is NOT updated as of yet.  ADAMS is still listed as a location for the exam and will not be available on the exam date.  All students intending on taking the exam are expected to go to either Dar Us-Salaam or George Mason University, insha’Allah.  Please see the exam information page for location and timings (just disregard ADAMS as a listing).

2- What if you travelled to take the class from out of town and need to take the exam online???? What if you are not going to be able to make the exam date???? Please go to the AlMaghrib Exam Page and fill out the Traveling Student Exam Form if you are out of town or the Exam Deferral Form if you need an extension. 

Jazak Allah Khayr.  If you have any other questions regarding the exam, please post it as a comment to this post and I’ll try to find someone to get you the answer ASAP.

Bismillah, Was Salaatu Was Salaam Ala’ Rasool Allah.

In my quest to elicit Perfect Presence from this qabeelah, it seems as though a general sentiment amongst some of the students is “Who Cares???” Pretty much meaning: who cares about an exam that really doesnt mean anything. It wont impact whether or not you get into a good college, has no impact on your job, and just getting to the exam location can be inconvenient if you dont live nearby.

Well I’ll tell you who cares: I do. And here’s why:
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Brothers BBQ Bash

On Saturday, May 5th you brothers are in for a treat….Insha’Allah we will be hosting our first-ever Brotherschicken BBQ Bash (BBB) at Burke Lake Park. We are asking everyone to bring five bucks to help cover costs. Come out for a day of food and fun!

We will be playing volleyball, soccer, and football

Location: Burke Lake Park
7315 Ox Road, Fairfax Station, VA 22039 US
Date: Saturday, May 3, 12:30PM

PLEASE RSVP to Ali (the host) if you are able to attend so we know how much food to purchase.

What is Perfect Presence?

Perfect Presence is ensuring that every single attendee of the last AlMaghrib Seminar takes the exam and aces it. Perfect Presence doesn’t make excuses about being busy or forgetting about the exam date and it definitely doesn’t show up late on exam day. Perfect Presence is making sure that if you’re out of town to take the exam electronically and that if, for some off-the-wall reason, you are unable to attend the exam in person to setup a proctor at a later date to make sure you take it.

Perfect Presence demands perfection from its attendees and nothing short of it. In Perfect Presence you don’t hope to get an A on an exam, you expect to get an A through your hard work and dedication. 100% is the bar for Perfect Presence, nothing less will do.

And oh yeah, Perfect Presence wins liwaa’s. My message to Qabeelah Nurayn: Who’s up for Perfect Presence???

If your childhood dream was to be a construction worker (and I know that there’s many of you out there), here’s your chance to live out that dream!!!  Insha’Allah Qabeelat Nurayn will be organizing a trip to assist Habitat for Humanity this upcoming month for our monthly social service project.  Habitat for Humanity is an organization that builds homes for underprivileged families that cant otherwise afford a home. 

Now I know many of you are out there thinking: “what if I cant tell which end of the hammer is which?” Funny you should ask, because although Habitat for Humanity welcomes those with construction skills, they have crew leaders on hand to train and answer questions.  If you are willing to learn, they will help, insha’Allah.  Now I know what is going through your head: “how can I get involved??”  Stay tuned as we will be posting more details about the trip in the coming days, insha’Allah.