Financial Aid
Raising funds through individual and business sponsorships, awarding merit based scholarships, financial assistance promotion and brainstorming, awareness of almaghrib discount initiatives like Power of 10 and family discounts.

Class setup and décor (if applicable), coordinate instructor pickup/drop off at airport and hospitality, coordination with registration team, responsible for snack, drinks, supplies, gem boards, A/V stuff, speakers.

Recruitment of marketing team and follow-up on action items, coordinating volunteer groundwork and online advertising and community outreach, ordering marketing material from HQ and assuring its availability to volunteers, marketing brainstorming for increased attendance, tracking number of registrants.

Brainstorming new ways students can take their Islamic knowledge out of the classroom, newsletters, bake sales, community service initiatives, faciliating review sessions.

Take minutes from general meetings and volunteer meetings, write down action items and make them available by getting it to volunteers coordinator or putting it where all other volunteers can see it, such as by emailing/posting on the google-group.

Social Events
Create a social events team, researching ideas and activities and their costs, give volunteers coordinator updates and present such updates at meetings when necessary, follow-up on social events related action items after general meetings, reserving and organizing event after qabeelah approval, announcements prepared for seminars and at meetings between seminars, create fliers/ads for distribution and making sure word gets out.

Student Services
Childcare for out-of-town students when necessary, transportation/car-pooling, hospitality and possible hosting of out-of-town students, study-group scheduling, seminar suggestion/comments box.

Oversee all volunteers, meet with other coordinators to make sure they have everything to succeed, consolidate all communication going on amongst the volunteers and keep everyone else updated, planning general meetings,  follow-up on action items with committee heads after general meetings, communication between different coordinators and ameers/ameeras, first point of contact for volunteer coordinators for any questions/concerns, heads of different committees report to volunteer coordinator.